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Calendar of Sporting Events

September 23, 2022 until December 31, 2022

Below is an upcoming calendar of sporting events The Dram Shop Bar will be showing. We also show College Football on Saturdays. We will be open earlier for select World Cup matches. 

Saturday, September 24

1:05pm Red Sox @ Yankees

4:07pm Mets @ Athletics

Sunday, September 25

1pm Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots

1pm Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins

1pm Cincinnati Bengals @ New York Jets

1pm Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings

1pm Houston Texans @ Chicago Bears

1pm Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts

1pm Las Vegas Raiders @ Tennessee Titans

1pm New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers

1pm Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Commanders

4:05pm Jacksonville Jaguars @ Los Angeles Chargers

4:07pm Mets @ Athletics

4:25pm Atlanta Falcons @ Seattle Seahawks

4:25pm Green Bay Packers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

4:25pm Los Angeles Rams @ Arizona Cardinals

7:08pm Red Sox @ Yankees

8:20pm San Francisco 49ers @ Denver Broncos

Monday, September 26

7:07pm Yankees @ Blue Jays

8:15pm Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants

Tuesday, September 27

7:07pm Yankees @ Blue Jays

7:10pm Marlins @ Mets

Wednesday, September 28

7:07pm Yankees @ Blue Jays

7:10pm Marlins @ Mets

Thursday, September 29

8:15pm Miami Dolphins @ Cincinnati Bengals

Friday, September 30

7:05pm Orioles @ Yankees

7:30pm Mets @ Braves

Saturday, October 1

1:05 Orioles @ Yankees

7:20pm Mets @ Braves

10pm Bellator 286: Pitbull vs. Borics

Sunday, October 2

1pm Buffalo Bills @ Baltimore Ravens

1pm Chicago Bears @ New York Giants

1pm Cleveland Browns @ Atlanta Falcons

1pm Jacksonville Jaguars @ Philadelphia Eagles

1pm Los Angeles Chargers @ Houston Texans

1pm New York Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers

1pm Seattle Seahawks @ Detroit Lions

1pm Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts

1pm Washington Commanders @ Dallas Cowboys

1:35pm Orioles @ Yankees

4:05pm Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers

4:25pm Denver Broncos @ Las Vegas Raiders

4:25pm New England Patriots @ Green Bay Packers

7:08pm Mets @ Braves

8:20pm Kansas City Chiefs @ Tampay Bay Buccaneers

Monday, October 3

7:05pm Yankees @ Rangers

7:10pm Nationals @ Mets

7:30pm 76ers @ Nets

8:15pm Los Angeles Rams @ San Francisco 49ers

Tuesday, October 4

7pm Pistons @ Knicks

7:10pm Nationals @ Mets

8:05pm Yankees @ Rangers

Wednesday, October 5

4:05pm Yankees @ Rangers

4:10pm Nationals @ Mets

Thursday, October 6

7:30pm Heat @ Nets

8:15pm Indianapolis Colts @ Denver Broncos

Friday, October 7

MLB Wildcard Series

7:30pm Pacers @ Knicks

Saturday, October 8

MLB Wildcard Series

Sunday, October 9

MLB Wildcard Series

9:30am New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers

1pm Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1pm Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings

1pm Detroit Lions @ New England Patriots

1pm Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars

1pm Los Angeles Chargers @ Cleveland Browns

1pm Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets

1pm Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills

1pm Seattle Seahawks @ New Orleans Saints

1pm Tennessee Titans @ Washington Commanders

4:05pm San Francisco 49ers @ Carolina Panthers

4:25pm Dallas Cowboys @ Los Angeles Rams

4:25pm Philadelphia Eagles @ Arizona Cardinals

8:20pm Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens

Monday, October 10

8:15pm Las Vegas Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs

Tuesday, October 11

MLB Division Series

7:30pm Lightning @ Rangers

Wednesday, October 12

MLB Division Series

7pm Knicks @ Pacers

7:30pm Nets @ Bucks

Thursday, October 13

MLB Division Series

8pm Rangers @ Wild

8:15pm Washington Commanders @ Chicago Bears

Friday, October 14

MLB Division Series

7:30pm Wizards @ Knicks

8pm Nets @ Timberwolves

8pm Rangers @ Jets

Saturday, October 15

MLB Division Series

Sunday, October 16

MLB Division Series

1pm Baltimore Ravens @ New York Giants

1pm Cincinnati Bengals @ New Orleans Saints

1pm Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts

1pm Minnesota Vikings @ Miami Dolphins

1pm New England Patriots @ Cleveland Browns

1pm New York Jets @ Green Bay Packers

1pm San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons

1pm Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Pittsburgh Steelers

4:05pm Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks

4:05pm Carolina Panthers @ Los Angeles Rams

4:25pm Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs

8:20pm Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles

Monday, October 17

MLB Division Series

7pm Ducks @ Rangers

8:15pm Denver Broncos @ Los Angeles Chargers

Tuesday, October 18

MLB League Championship Series

Wednesday, October 19

MLB League Championship Series

7:30pm Knicks @ Grizzlies

7:30pm Pelicans @ Nets

Thursday, October 20

MLB League Championship Series

7pm Sharks @ Rangers

8:15pm New Orleans Saints @ Arizona Cardinals

Friday, October 21

MLB League Championship Series

7:30pm Pistons @ Knicks

7:30pm Raptors @ Nets

Saturday, October 22

MLB League Championship Series

1pm UFC 280: Oliveira vs. Makhachev

Sunday, October 23

MLB League Championship Series

1pm Atlanta Falcons @ Cincinnati Bengals

1pm Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens

1pm Detroit Lions @ Dallas Cowboys

1pm Green Bay Packers @ Washington Commanders

1pm Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans

1pm New York Giants @ Jacksonville Jaguars

1pm Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers

4:05pm Houston Texans @ Las Vegas Raiders

4:05pm New York Jets @ Denver Broncos

4:05pm Texans @ Raiders

4:25pm Kansas City Chiefs @ San Francisco 49ers

4:25pm Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Chargers

5pm Blue Jackets @ Rangers

8:20pm Pittsburgh Steelers @ Miami Dolphins

Monday, October 24

MLB League Championship Series

7:30pm Magic @ Knicks

8pm Nets @ Grizzlies

8:15pm Chicago Bears @ New England Patriots

Tuesday, October 25

MLB League Championship Series

8pm Avalanche @ Rangers

Wednesday, October 26

MLB League Championship Series

7:30pm Nets @ Bucks

7:30pm Hornets @ Knicks

7:30pm Rangers @ Islanders

Thursday, October 27

7:30pm Mavericks @ Nets

8:15pm Baltimore Ravens @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Friday, October 28

MLB World Series

8pm Knicks @ Bucks

Saturday, October 29

MLB World Series

2pm Rangers @ Stars

7:30pm Pacers @ Nets

Sunday, October 30

1pm Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings

1pm Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons

1pm Chicago Bears @ Dallas Cowboys

1pm Las Vegas Raiders @ New Orleans Saints

1pm Miami Dolphins @ Detroit Lions

1pm New England Patriots @ New York Jets

1pm Pittsburgh Steelers @ Philadelphia Eagles

1pm Raiders @ Saints

4:05pm Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans

4:25pm New York Giants @ Seattle Seahawks

4:25pm San Francisco 49ers @ Los Angeles Rams

4:25pm Washington Commanders @ Indianapolis Colts

6pm Knicks @ Cavaliers

8pm Rangers @ Coyotes

8:20pm Green Bay Packers @ Buffalo Bills

Monday, October 31

MLB World Series

7:30pm Pacers @ Nets

8:15pm Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns

Tuesday, November 1

MLB World Series

7pm Flyers @ Rangers

7:30pm Bulls @ Nets

Wednesday, November 2

MLB World Series

7:30pm Hawks @ Knicks

Thursday, November 3

7:30pm Bruins @ Rangers

8:15pm Philadelphia Eagles @ Houston Texans

Friday, November 4

MLB World Series

7pm Knicks @ 76ers

7pm Nets @ Wizards

Saturday, November 5

MLB World Series

7pm Nets @ Hornets

7:30pm Celtics @ Knicks

Sunday, November 6

1pm Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets

1pm Carolina Panthers @ Cincinnati Bengals

1pm Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions

1pm Indianapolis Colts @ New England Patriots

1pm Las Vegas Raiders @ Jacksonville Jaguars

1pm Los Angeles Chargers @ Atlanta Falcons

1pm Miami Dolphins @ Chicago Bears

1pm Minnesota Vikings @ Washington Commanders

4:05pm Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals

4:25pm Los Angeles Rams @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

5pm Red Wings @ Rangers

8:20pm Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs

Monday, November 7 

8:15pm Baltimore Ravens @ New Orleans Saints

9:15pm Knicks @ Timberwolves

9:45pm Nets @ Mavericks

Tuesday, November 8

7pm Islanders @ Rangers

Wednesday, November 9

7:30pm Knicks @ Nets

Thursday, November 10

7:30pm Red Wings @ Rangers

8:15pm Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers

Friday, November 11

7:30pm Pistons @ Knicks

Saturday, November 12

4pm Nets @ Clippers

8pm Rangers @ Predators

9pm UFC 281: Adesanya vs. Pereira

Sunday, November 13

12pm Thunder @ Knicks

1pm Cleveland Browns @ Miami Dolphins

1pm Denver Broncos @ Tennessee Titans

1pm Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears

1pm Houston Texans @ New York Giants

1pm Jacksonville Jaguars @ Kansas City Chiefs

1pm Minnesota Vikings @ Buffalo Bills

1pm New Orleans Saints @ Pittsburgh Steelers

4:05pm Indianapolis Colts @ Las Vegas Raiders

4:25pm Arizona Cardinals @ Los Angeles Rams

4:25pm Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers

7pm Coyotes @ Rangers

8:20pm Los Angeles Chargers @ San Francisco 49ers

9:30pm Nets @ Lakers

Monday, November 14

8:15pm Washington Commanders @ Philadelphia Eagles

Tuesday, November 15

10pm Knicks @ Jazz

10pm Nets @ Kings

Wednesday, November 16

10pm Knicks @ Nuggets

Thursday, November 17

8:15pm Tennessee Titans @ Green Bay Packers

10pm Rangers @ Kraken

10pm Nets @ Trail Blazers

Friday, November 18

10pm Bellator 288: Nemkov vs. Anderson 2

10pm Knicks @ Warriors

Saturday, November 19

10:30pm Rangers @ Sharks

Sunday, November 20

11am World Cup: Qatar vs Ecuador

1pm Carolina Panthers @ Baltimore Ravens

1pm Chicago Bears @ Atlanta Falcons

1pm Cleveland Browns @ Buffalo Bills

1pm Detroit Lions @ New York Giants

1pm Los Angeles Rams @ New Orleans Saints

1pm New York Jets @ New England Patriots

1pm Philadelphia Eagles @ Indianapolis Colts

1pm Washington Commanders @ Houston Texans

3:30pm Knicks @ Suns

4:05pm Las Vegas Raiders @ Denver Broncos

4:25pm Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings

4:25pm Kansas City Chiefs @ Los Angeles Chargers

7pm Grizzlies @ Nets

8:20pm Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburg Steelers

Monday, November 21

2pm World Cup: USA vs Wales

8pm San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals

8pm Knicks @ Thunder

Tuesday, November 22

2pm World Cup: France vs Australia

7:30pm Nets @ 76ers

10:30pm Rangers @ Kings

Wednesday, November 23

2pm World Cup: Belgium vs Canada

7:30pm Nets @ Raptors

10pm Rangers @ Ducks

Thursday, November 24

12:30pm Buffalo Bills @ Detroit Lions

2pm World Cup: Brazil vs Serbia

4:30pm New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys

8:20pm New England Patriots @ Minnesota Vikings

Friday, November 25

2pm World Cup: England vs USA

7:30pm TRail Blazers @ Knicks

8pm Nets @ Pacers

Saturday, November 26

11am World Cup: France vs Denmark

1pm Oilers @ Rangers

2pm World Cup: Argentina vs Mexico

Sunday, November, 27

11am World Cup: Croatia vs Canada

1pm Atlanta Falcons @ Washington Commanders

1pm Baltimore Ravens @ Jacksonville Jaguars

1pm Chicago Bears @ New York Jets

1pm Cincinnati Bengals @ Tennessee Titans

1pm Denver Broncos @ Carolina Panthers

1pm Houston Texans @ Miami Dolphins

1pm Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Cleveland Browns

2pm World Cup: Spain vs Germany

3pm Nets @ Trail Blazers

4:05pm Las Vegas Raiders @ Seattle Seahawks

4:05pm Los Angeles Chargers @ Arizona Cardinals

4:25pm Los Angeles Rams @ Kansas City Chiefs

4:25pm New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers

6pm Grizzlies @ Knicks

8:20pm Green Bay Packers @ Philadelphia Eagles

Monday, November 28

2pm World Cup: Portugal vs Uruguay

7pm Devils @ Rangers

7:30pm Magic @ Nets

8:15pm Pittsburgh Steelers @ Indianapolis Colts

Tuesday, November 29

2pm World Cup: Wales vs England

2pm World Cup: Iran vs USA

7pm Knicks @ Pistons

Wednesday, November 30

2pm World Cup: Poland vs Argentina

2pm World Cup: Saudi Arabia vs Mexico

7pm Rangers @ Senators

7:30pm Wizards @ Nets

7:30pm Bucks @ Knicks

Thursday, December 1

2pm World Cup: Japan vs Spain

2pm World Cup: Costa Rica vs Germany

8:15pm Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots

Friday, December 2

2pm World Cup: Cameroon vs Brazil

2pm World Cup: Serbia vs Switzerland

7pm Senators @ Rangers

7:30pm Raptors @ Nets

Saturday, December 3

10am World Cup Round of 16

12:30pm Mavericks @ Knicks

2pm World Cup Round of 16

7:30pm Blackhawks @ Rangers

Sunday, December 4

10am World Cup Round of 16

1pm Cleveland Browns @ Houston Texans

1pm Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens

1pm Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

1pm Jacksonville Jaguars @ Detroit Lions

1pm New York Jets @ Minnesota Vikings

1pm Pittsburgh Steelers @ Atlanta Falcons

1pm Tennessee Titans @ Philadelphia Eagles

1pm Washington Commanders @ New York Giants

2pm World Cup Round of 16

4:05pm Miami Dolphins @ San Francisco 49ers

4:05pm Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Rams

4:25pm Kansas City Chiefs @ Cincinnati Bengals

4:25pm Los Angeles Chargers @ Las Vegas Raiders

6pm Celtics @ Nets

6pm Cavaliers @ Knicks

8:20pm Indianapolis Colts @ Dalla

Monday, December 5

2pm World Cup Round of 16

7pm Blues @ Rangers

8:15pm New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tuesday, December 6

2pm World Cup Round of 16

Wednesday, December 7

7:30pm Hornets @ Nets

7:30pm Hawks @ Knicks

10pm Rangers @ Golden Knights

Thursday, December 8

8:15pm Las Vegas Raiders @ Los Angeles Rams

Friday, December 9

10am World Cup Quarterfinal

10am World Cup Quarterfinal

7pm Knicks @ Hornets

7:30pm Hawks @ Nets

9pm Rangers @ Avalanche

10pm Bellator 289: Stots vs. Sabatello

Saturday, December 10

10am World Cup Quarterfinal

2pm World Cup Quarterfinal

7pm Nets @ Pacers

Sunday, December 11

1pm Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers

1pm Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals

1pm Houston Texans @ Dallas Cowboys

1pm Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans

1pm Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions

1pm New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills

1pm Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants

4:05pm Miami Dolphins @ Los Angeles Chargers

4:25pm Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks

4:25pm Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ San Francisco 49ers

6pm Kings @ Knicks

8:20pm Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos

Monday, December 12

7pm Devils @ Rangers

7pm Nets @ Wizards

8:15pm New England Patriots @ Arizona Cardinals

Tuesday, December 13

2pm World Cup Semifinal

Wednesday, December 14 

2pm World Cup Semifinal

7:30pm Knicks @ Bulls

Thursday, December 15

7pm Maple Leafs @ Rangers

8:15pm San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks

Friday, December 16

7:30pm Nets @ Raptors

8pm Knicks @ Bulls

Saturday, December 17

2pm World Cup Third Place

7pm Rangers @ Flyers

Sunday, December 18

10am World Cup Final

1pm Dallas Cowboys @ Jacksonville Jaguars

1pm Detroit Lions @ New York Jets

1pm Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Texans

1pm Philadelphia Eagles @ Chicago Bears

1pm Pittsburgh Steelers @ Carolina Panthers

4:05pm Arizona Cardinals @ Denver Broncos

4:25pm Cincinnati Bengals @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

4:25pm Tennessee Titans @ Los Angeles Chargers

5pm Knicks @ Pacers

6pm Nets @ Pistons

7:30pm Rangers @ Blackhawks

8:20pm New England Patriots @ Las Vegas Raiders

Monday, December 19

8:15pm Los Angeles Rams @ Green Bay Packers

Tuesday, December 20

7pm Rangers @ Penguins

7:30pm Warriors @ Knicks

Wednesday, December 21

7:30pm Raptors @ Knicks

7:30pm Warrios @ Nets

Thursday, December 22

7pm Islanders @ Rangers

8:15pm Jacksonville Jaguars @ New York Jets

Friday, December 23

7:30pm Bulls @ Knicks

7:30pm Bucks @ Nets

Saturday, December 24

1pm Atlanta Falcons @ Baltimore Ravens

1pm Buffalo Bills @ Chicago Bears

1pm Cincinnati Bengals @ New England Patriots

1pm Detroit Lions @ Carolina Panthers

1pm Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans

1pm New Orleans Saints @ Cleveland Browns

1pm New York Giants @ Minnesota Vikings

1pm Seattle Seahawks @ Kansas City Chiefs

4:05pm Washington Commanders @ San Francisco 49ers

4:25pm Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys

8:15pm Las Vegas Raiders @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Sunday, December 25

12pm 76ers @ Knicks

1pm Green Bay Packers @ Miami Dolphins

4:30pm Denver Broncos @ Los Angeles Rams

8:20pm Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Arizona Cardinals

Monday, December 26

7pm Nets @ Cavaliers

8:15pm Los Angeles Chargers @ Indianapolis Colts

Tuesday, December 27

7pm Capitals @ Rangers

7:30pm Nets @ Hawks

8:30pm Knicks @ Mavericks

Thursday, December 29

7pm Rangers @ Lightning

8pm Knicks @ Spurs

8:15pm Dallas Cowboys @ Tennessee Titans

Saturday, December 31

7pm Nets @ Hornets